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Dog Sitting Tips when Finding a Suitable Pet Sitter

If you are planning for a holiday trip with your family members, it may be tricky to travel together with your pet. For such, pet sitters become very important because they give you peace of mind while you are away. Leaving your cherished pet in the hands of untrustworthy people working at a boarding facility may not be a better idea, bearing in mind that these people may lack the pet’s interest in their hearts. However, this does not mean that all pet sitters are reliable. Therefore, here are dog sitting tips to help you choose the most suitable dog sitting service.

Services offered

Depending on how you care for your pet, you will expect a pet sitter to offer similar services. There are various services including grooming, live-in care, outdoor activities, training, and nutritional plans. Check if the dog sitter is offering such services before you surrender the pet to him or her.

Emergency programs

Anything such as accidents or sudden sickness may happen while you are away, and the dog sitter should be able to take care of such incidences professionally. In case of an older pet or those that require special attention, the pet sitter should have adequate experienced handling similar issues. First ask the professional to show you the plans such as feeding programs and medication plans.

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Try out the pet sitter first

After finding the ideal dog sitter, you are not done with everything. Meeting all the requirements does not mean the pet will be comfortable staying with the persons until you are back. Therefore, try out the pet sitter by welcoming him or her to your home. Let them interact with the dog, and see if they can be good friends. In other words, the pet should be allowed to select on its own.

Study the contract well

Apart from taking care of the pet, the pet sitter will be in charge with your house together with your personal items. Counter check the contract and ensure everything agreed upon is included in the contract. Let the pet sitter assure you maximum protection of the pet plus the property.

Pet sitter should be associated with reputable boarding facility

A reliable pet sitter must have links to reputable boarding facilities in which he or she has worked with. Even though you need a responsible individual, you also need to have a backup in case the person is not able to take care of the pet at some point while you are away. The facility will be his or her better alternative, ensuring the pet is in good hands.

Use references

Lastly, it is always advisable to make use of references. Find people who may have used services of a given pet sitter, and then ask about their experience with the services. A reliable pet sitter also must have a list of happy customers, and he or she should be willing to give you their contacts. Ensure you ask questions focusing on your pet’s needs and expectations.

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