Siberian Husky: The King Of The Iceland

Amongst several breeds of dogs, Siberian husky stands out due to some of his magnificent skills and attractive health.  Siberian husky is not very best suitable as a pet, but he has some definite qualities due to which he is considered to be one of the most favorite amongst different types.

Origin and Physical Fitness

It is a medium sized with dense coat pet. Siberian husky is originated from northeastern Siberia, Russia. It has a magnificent health, and its weight ranges from 45-60 pound in male and 35-50 pounds in the female which is considerably high as compared to other dog breeds. They are also well height with the height ranges from 21-24 inches and 20-22 inches for male and female respectively. These stats show that Siberian husky is ideally healthy and can be used for different purposes and works. Siberian husky can be recognized by their furred double coats and upright triangular ears, which are entirely different and unique as compared to other dog breeds.

Skills of The Siberian Husky

Huskies are extremely active, energetic and very severe because of the freezing and harsh environment of Siberian Arctic in which they live. These dogs are very athletic and independent which can be a great challenge for the owner to live with them and it requires a lot of training to be done on them to make them pets.

Training and Exercises

Siberian Husky needs a lot of training and exercise daily to make him calm. They should be taken to the running daily and hiking and even some time biking sometime. Because of their origin they are extremely energetic, and if someone not gives him the proper exercise, then he would be gone. So to make sure that the dog remains in peace you must give him the exercises and open places as he wants.

Jobs That He Can Do

Siberian Huskies are working dogs and can do several jobs like protection, hunting, sports and other duties. They are extremely active and excellent at hunting and running. He can do several jobs like pulling carts and sleds because hiking and pulling are the fundamental aims of their life.

Are They A Family Dog?

If you ask that are the Siberian huskies can be used as a pet? Then the initial answer would be no. But it requires a lot and lot of training to make them social and playful, but otherwise, these dogs are not favorable for the pets.

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