Supporting the Wrong Team

It would seem that sports should be nothing more than a happy outlet where people can enjoy watching two teams perform at their best, but that is not always what occurs between couples. Dating gives them a rough idea of what they like about each other at first, but uncovering the deeper facts about a possible future spouse can be disturbing. It may be that the person comes from some alien planet, and their new partner finds out they have been supporting the wrong team all along. It can be embarrassing, but it might also be a deal breaker.

The love of almost any sport is often one that has been developed throughout childhood, and it can wax into a permanent part of life in adulthood. People may choose to support a team from the area where they grew up only because that is what they are used to doing. Others might find their preferences for support have changed as they become adults and move around, but they might still harbour a soft spot for the home team.

Finding out a new partner favours a team that is in a tense rivalry with their own team can be a disappointment, but it could also make them an outcast within a circle of friends and relatives. Learning how to cope successfully with this type of misadventure in romance could signal a couple is ready for a long term commitment.

Each of them may need to reassess their own team commitments, or they could prefer to simply disagree. When their teams meet for a challenge, they might be able to still sit together as they cheer, or they could find it easier to remain on opposite sides of the stadium.